High standards, unique touch

At Amity Cleaning, we abide by the same standards of quality and cleanliness for everything that we do. All of our team members share the same perspective that your living space is a sanctuary of well-being, development, and care.

Nevertheless, we combine these same high standards with a personalized approach. We understand that that every living and work space is unique and will meet your expectations employing the following principles:

  • Our services are best delivered when they’re delivered nicely. We put you at the center of everything.


  • We are flexible. If your needs change during our work with you, we will promptly change our strategy to align with your goals.


  • We are constantly innovating. Not only do we strive to use the most up-to-date technologies and eco-friendly materials, but we make
    efficiency a priority. 

  • Cleanliness is fundamental. We won’t stop until it is the number one characteristic of your environment.


  • Our safety is everyone’s safety. We will utilize wireless cleaning devices, particularly in difficult-to-treat areas, to avoid hazardous situations.

"We offer leaf cleaning and leaf blowing services for your Fall season needs. Get in touch today for a free estimate!"​

Amity Cleaning Services
Comprehensive in nature yet precise in delivery

In addition to offering standard and high-quality cleaning services, we offer a variety of additional services that are tailored specifically to your needs and include, but are not limited to,

The following ------>
Snow plowing
Stripping floor
Waxing floor
Tile Cleaning
Pressure washing
Carpet Cleaning
And much, much more!

Our projects begin with a free, no-strings-attached estimate of our services. We meet with you in-person to discuss different options in a timely and comprehensive fashion. All of our estimates are provided to you in writing and we will always be available to answer your questions. Your success and happiness are ours as well, and we look forward to establishing an everlasting relationship with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Cleanliness and quality are uncompromisable standards. Whether your needs are residential, commercial, industrial or special, we work closely with you to generate successful results. 

Throughout our work with you, we establish tailored timelines that measure progress and provide you with continued updates. For us, working with you is not merely taking on a cleaning responsibility and being distant; rather, it is a relationship with open communication – we keep you abreast of our progress at all times.

Furthermore, our eco-friendly approach is essential. We understand that your living and work spaces may house living entities, such as plants and animals, that are also deserving of a clean space. These spaces are part of a larger environment that is sensitive to contamination and abrasive chemicals. That is why we make it a priority to use natural and organic-based products with the newest cleaning devices. We will resort to vapor-based and heavy-duty options only when the task demands them. However, if you have specific requests for a type of cleaning product or products, we promise to cater to those preferences.

In essence, our commitment to you is one of quality, cleanliness, professionalism, and environmentally-friendly principles…but with a smile that radiates a distinct human touch.

Customized process, same promise

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