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At Amity Cleaning, we treat your living spaces as temples of camaraderie, human exchange, and relationship building. As a result, we do not negotiate on quality; instead, we leverage successful processes to create an environment of health and cleanliness with standards that have given us recognition within the industry and among clients. There is no doubt that we are living in uncertain times, but instead of wavering or conforming to traditional ways of thinking, we have learned to approach this uncertainty with innovative thinking and with methods that will help you achieve your cleaning goals.

Our story began in the residential space where we worked diligently to help renters and homeowners maintain a healthy lifestyle through continued cleaning opportunities. Throughout the years, we learned to improve our cleaning processes through feedback and success stories, and we continue to refine our methodologies every day. As with any cleaning initiative, we use cutting edge tools that help meet your cleanliness and health objectives. Whether you are single or have a family, our partnership with you will create a palpable, long-term, and positive experience, our promise.

"Combining a long-term, positive commitment with a promise of quality"

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Business needs fluctuate all the time, either because of local demands or due to market changes. Nevertheless, cleaning demands will always need to be met in a timely and periodic manner. Even if your needs are momentary or long-term, small or large-scale, our team at Amity Cleaning is skilled in delivering a customized service package that will meet your expectations.

From our perspective, the unique nature of each commercial or industrial task requires careful analysis, granular discussions, and a comprehensive understanding of each entity’s needs. For this reason, we do not use “cookie cutter” approaches or copied timelines; instead, we provide you with a tailored approach and a reasonable timeline that is based on our discussions with you. We are flexible in nature, so if you decide to adjust through the process, we adjust quickly and efficiently without compromising quality in any way, our commitment to you.

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