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Changes to the cleaning industry and our promise to you

Over the past few years, the cleaning industry has experienced a variety of different changes that require innovative approaches and changes to traditional ways of cleaning. Furthermore, with the advent of Covid-19, clients and stakeholders may expect more rigorous forms of cleaning, which may warrant standardization procedures or even regional or national certifications that guarantee a minimum level of quality. 

According to SweptWorks, daily cleaning and disinfection services are becoming the norm, albeit with a slight drop in demand during the acute phase of the outbreak. However, once life reaches an acceptable level of normality, cleaning professionals expect an increase in demand that will be “greater than ever.” As stated previously, with this new surge in demand, quality assurance will be an imperative component of service delivery, but it will come at a cost – no longer will the lowest bidder be the best option if they cannot deliver on new inspection and cleaning standards. 

At Amity Cleaning, we are working diligently on being cost competitive while never sacrificing a high-quality approach. For the past 15 years, we have remained steadfast in not only providing innovative tools and supplies for cleaning projects, but also in providing innovative ways of doing. We understand that the future may be temporarily imbued with uncertainty, but we have used that uncertainty to preempt for changes that may require us to leverage new capacities for superior customer satisfaction. 

Covid-19 has changed the way we operate in almost every space of our lives. At Amity Cleaning, we understand that every single one of these spaces is part of a larger ecosystem that demands care, sensitivity, and considerable awareness. As your trusted partner in cleaning, we welcome you to connect with us and to help you meet your cleaning goals in an eco-friendly, innovative way, today, tomorrow, and always. 

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